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  • Kelly Ager

Dogs and Pizza Forever!

Two things in life that we are very passionate about as a family, our restaurant business and our dogs! Dogs are family and we share our lives with quite a few.

We have had dogs in our family for as long as we can remember and there have been some very special canine friends over the years. We truly consider ourselves a family of dog lovers.

Recently we have had a number of guests arrive for dinner with their canine companions in tow. Whilst we really do love dogs and have made the odd exception, sadly we are sorry, but we cannot allow doggies to keep coming in for dinner.

When we have the outdoor terrace open, we are more than happy to serve you with your furry friends alfresco. However we cannot extend the same hospitality indoors, due to respecting all guests comfort and the awareness of allergies.

We do hope that all our lovely customers understand why we are making our policy very clear, as we really hate to disappoint anyone, but we think doggies are best left resting at home, rather than in our bustling restaurant.

If you are unable to part from your four legged friend and would still like an Enzee meal, we would love to recommend you try our takeaway option.

Thank you for your understanding...Dogs and Pizza forever!

Massimo, Milly and the team

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